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As you know on August 7th 2011, we lost our great Sensei and long time friend Sensei Phillip Steven Porter. I flew out to West Point  Military Academy  and spoke at his service  on August 26th 2011. It was an honor to speak at the service. My great friend and Sensei will be missed and I shall think of him often. Below is my last vist with him when Levi and I drove out to his home in Sacramento California and stayed with him and Joy at thier home for a week. I am honored to be his student and friend. He was a great teacher, anyone who thinks not, did not know the man and is but a fool. Sensei we shall miss you. Winona Judo Club. Winona, Minnesota.


In the picture below, Sensei Wilkinson in Colorado with his Gran Daughter. Sensei and Keith were out in Colorado for Sensei's  induction in to the University of Colorado wrestling Hall of Fame. It was a great experience.
In the picture Below, Matt Fabian was promoted to the rank of Shodan on March 11th, 2015. Picture with Matt on the right is Sensei, 7th degree black belt, Keith Polus. Great Job Matt, you have earned the rank of Shodan. Matt quit the study of Judo with Burns Valley Judo Club on Feb. 1st, 2016. Matt said Sensei had high and unrealistic expectations of his students and Matt would like to find a more reasonable instructor. We wish him all the best.

In the above picture. Ethan Fabian has earned his 1st degree Black Belt and Sensei promoted him on Feb. 2, 2016. Ethan started his study of the martial arts with Sensei in 2009 at the age of 9. His first promotion to Junikyu was on March 4th, 2009 and he worked hard thru the years to earn the rank of Ikkyu, first degree brown, in June of 2015.
Ethan has overcome many obstacles over the years and he has earned this promotion. Last time I checked, I'm still Sensei and Ethan I want to say, congratulations. You have earned it . Sensei Polus 7th dan.
In Picture Below. Eli Fabian wrestling for Winona Senior High School gets a great takedown. Picture from Winona Daily News Paper, Andrew Link. January 15, 2015.
In Picture Below. Eli Fabian pins his opponent from Mayo  wrestling at Winona Senior High School. Photo credit to Andrew Link from the Winona Daily News Paper. January 15, 2015.

Burns Valley Judo Club


April 8, 2009 - Burns Valley Judo Club held a two hour clinic with Levi Polus teaching the clinic on judo throws and combinations. Sensei Wilkinson attended the clinic and before Levi got started ,Sensei Wilkinson held a tradtional "Belt Passing " ceremony.

The black belt that was given to Sensei Wilkinson when he was promoted to Shodan in Japan, Sensei Wilkinson tied around Sensei Polus' waist. The black belt that was given to Keith by Sensei Wilkinson when Keith was promoted to Shodan was tied around Levi's waist. Thus the traditional passing of the belts has taken place! What an evening it was. One that will never be forgotten!
On October 10th, 2009, Some of the members of Burns Valley Judo Club competed in the Loras College Judo Tournament in Dubuque Iowa. Matt Fabian took 1st place in the 145# novice class, Eli Fabian  took a 2nd place in the 7-8 juinor class, Evann Fabian took 2nd in the 6-7 class, Ethan Fabian took 3rd in the 9-10 class and Levi Polus ( Body weight 170) took 3rd in the 198# class.
Mike Tabor was promoted to 1st degree black belt,  Shodan, on June 1st ,2011. Sensei Wikinson was present for the promotion. Great job Mike, you earned it.
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