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 Welcome to the Burns Valley Judo Club web page. Judo is based on the martial arts of Japan. Judo literally means the "gentle way" and Kodokan means literally  "a school of studying the way."  The way being the whole concept of life itself.  Jigoro Kano is the founder of Judo and the Kodokan is the school of judo in Tokyo Japan that he founded. Judo has it's beginnings in the art of Jujitsu. Jujitsu is the fighting art with the hands being the weapons of choice. Judo was founded by Jigoro Kano to revive the martial arts and to organize a course of instruction within them. He wanted to create an aspect of the fighting arts that could be practiced safely as a sport.
  The Japanese refer to judo ( the outer way) as the gentle path, but there is also an inner path referred to as "Budo." Both the outer way and the inner way are equally important to the Burns Valley Judo Club.  As they were equally important to Jigoro Kano. Much of the "Budo" spirit is missing from american judo. Judo is an art that is practiced as a system of self-defense and life and it is practiced as a sport. But if it is only the physical aspects of the art that you are interested in, than that is merely physical gymnastics and nothing more. The budo is concerned with not only the physical but, also with the "nowness", "thatness", if you will. It is also the quiting of the mind. Reducing the chatter in the mind that the Japanese refer to as the "Monkey Mind". The martial artist should be concerned with much more than just the fighting aspect of the art. The Burns Valley Judo Club will not forget nor abandon the richness of budo, that inner spirit that Jigoro Kano intented to be apart of this great art of judo. Those who identify and practice judo for competitions and sport only must go back to the beginning and learn a new what the martial arts are all about and discover the very principle of life itself. It is a mistake, as Sang Kyu Shim has said, to think of any martial art as consisting in a collection of technical routines organized around certain rules of physical movement. The chief aim of the martial artist is to find and develop the common ground between human nature and external nature. Understanding the essentiality of spirit comprises an integral ingredient in achieving perfection in the martial arts.
  There are many aspects to judo and jujitsu. Physical development, mental development and proficiency are all important aspects of the art, but equally important is budo. 
In the spirit of Budo,
Keith Polus

  Why join Burns Valley Judo Club.
*  Judo is the most practiced martial art on the face of the earth.
*  Learn all 65 throws of Kodokan Judo.
*  Learn submissions such as; Triangle Choke, the D'arce Choke, the Guillotine.
*  Learn  Arm Bars, Knee Bars, Ankle and Foot  Locks, Finger and Wrist Locks.
*  Learn how to defend from the guard position, the mount position and the half guard and side control.
*  Learn great grappling techniques.
*  Learn the best system for self defense there is.

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